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4 products

4 Products

OM4 skin type and condition-specific face care systems are an industry first in creating easy, effective, color-coded systems, designed to address the unique biological differences in male and female skin.
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Ancient alchemy meets advanced green biochemistry to create the first skin care line to take men’s skin challenges serious. Since when do men have one skin type and condition?

Sixteen core products in four skin type specific regiMENs (Sensitive, Oily, Normal and Dry), can be combined to create custom systems that address the skin conditions that concern you most while intercepting free radical damage that can age the skin prematurely. Ethically sourced food grade, natural, organic and wild crafted ingredients are “microblended” with the same pride and attention to detail a brewmaster takes to craft a fine Belgian ale. OM4 products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, world-conscious, and free of parabens, SLS, and harmful chemicals.

“The science of skin care exists within nature and requires minimal human intervention!”

Michael Bruggeman
Founder, Formulator and CEO

4 steps

4 Steps

Age prevention is easier than age correction. Each of the 4 individual steps target specific grooming needs while the combined system synergistically helps prevent the onset of premature aging.
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Step 1: WASH addresses the fact that male skin is 20% oiler due to testosterone, but also needs a cleansing solution that is pH and hydration adjusted based on skin type.

Step 2: BALANCE accounts for the fact that (1) men shave and have shaving-related skin concerns (sensitivity, razor burn, ingrown hairs), (2) compromise the skin’s natural immune barrier by removing the outermost protective layer (the acid mantel), and (3) require disinfecting and healing of any nicks and cuts without the sting of alcohol, and (4) must recalibrate pH to prevent additional skin concerns.

Step 3: BIOACTIVATE is the most important step in the system. OM4 employs a signature serum suspension technology that is capable of going where no moisturizer molecule has gone before and helping intercept age at it source. These luxurious, light, vitamin, antioxidant, mineral, and amino acid infused liquid mediums are capable of penetrating absorption challenged male skin that is characteristically 30% thicker with smaller oil glands yet a larger pore. OM4’s signature Omega 3 Blend is a key ingredient in all serums providing unparalleled antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which immediately retexture the skin.

Step 4: DEFEND locks in high-intensity benefits of OM4 serums and protects the skin from environmental extremes. Regardless of if you live in a high stress urban setting or extreme regions of the world, OM4 matte and light moisturizers feel weightless on the on skin while protecting against water loss, dehydration and infiltration of free-radical activating pollutants.

4 minutes

4 Minutes

OM4’s simplistic, easy-to-navigate regiMENs require less than 4 minutes to apply. Fast and effective, OM4 precision skin solutions take the guess work out of finding products ideally suited to you.
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At OM4, we recognize time is precious commodity. We also know optimal skin health and nutrition requires just a little bit of commitment on your part – less than 4 minutes to achieve formidable, age-delaying results. OM4’s Skin Fitness App saves you even more time by taking the guess work out of product selection. Best practice grooming requires a custom, personalized solution for your specific needs. The Skin Fitness App scours over 17,000 possible product combinations, based on your data entry, to deliver a precision solution uniquely 4 you.

4 men

4 Men

The differences between male and female skin are undeniable. OM4 advanced formulations account for the biological and gender specific grooming realities men face.
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FACT 1: Men’s skin is 20% oiler due to testosterone.

FACT 2: Because male skin is oiler and we shave, most men have some type of combination skin – multiple skin types and conditions.

FACT 3: That act of shaving compromises the skin’s natural immune system (the acid mantle or hydrolipidic film).

FACT 4: Men’s skin is 30% thicker than women’s skin, delaying the signs of aging until testosterone drops off.

FACT 5: Men have smaller sebaceous (oil) glands. Fact 4 plus 5 mean’s men are absorption challenged.

FACT 6: Men have higher incidences of melanoma.

The OM4 four-step regiMENs addresses the above-mentioned differences through advanced formulation - innovative suspension and delivery technologies to achieve noticeable and lasting results. OM4 – Best Practice Grooming 4 MEN!

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Men's skin is 20% oilier than women’s due to testosterone. Step 1 cleansers are precision formulated to naturally remove excess grease and oil, without drying the skin.
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Male skin is prone to shaving related skin concerns and conditions. Step 2 pH balancing splashes calm sensitivity, prevent ingrown hairs, and replenish the skin's shaving-compromised immune system.
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Male skin is up to 30% thicker, with larger pores, and smaller oil glands. Step 3 serums deliver a daily dose of essential age-delaying vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and Omega 3's.
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Environmental defense is a universal need. Step 4 matte moisturizers lock in serum benefits, prevent dehydration, and combatharsh urban and extreme micro climate skin degradation.
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